Name that you can write yourself.

Name that you can write yourself.

Starting products, services, naming companies,
It explains that start-up branding experts make it easy for anyone to follow!

Naming is about establishing the identity of a brand and creating a story

You want to share with the world through the brand.

People distinguish between companies and products by brand names. Good brand names even determine the success or failure of the business.

However, small companies and startups have a lot of trouble developing differentiated brand names. So this book guides the practical process of brand naming in an agile and systematic way to suit startups.

Anyone can easily name a commercial name by using the third stage of the “Memorable Brand Name”.  Development method created based on the author’s own successful start-up and abundant consulting experience.

It is particularly useful in naming English according to a fully globalized era.

He has solved all the author’s know-how in interviewing hundreds of companies for more than 10 years.


  • Businesses with cliche names cannot be differentiated!

  • A smart utility book that makes a successful brand name!


Everything has a name.

As people, objects, and spaces all have names, once a name is created. It remains for a long time and plays a significant role in building images.

Likewise, brand naming is the most basic means for customers to understand your brand. Communicate with you in a complex market system.

In particular, when starting a startup or creating a new brand, it is important enough to think about the brand name for the first time.

The market is already full of companies using similar names, and your competitors have more customers with original and sophisticated names.

People won’t remember the business unless your brand name reveals the meaning and experience of products and services. However, startup people are always busy.

The enormous cost of requesting naming from experts is also burdensome. Therefore, the author of this book proposes a method optimized for startups by incorporating a fast and systematic sprint approach into naming.

Based on decades of rich brand consulting experience, entrepreneurs and planners kindly explain where to start naming and how to get the best name through brainstorming to help you develop a competitive brand name.


  • The brand name that you can succeed if you just follow along!

  • Put tens of millions of won in a book for naming consulting!


The author has already created an ideal naming process optimized for busy companies based on Agile, Design Thinking, and Sprint, the most effective and well-known management methodologies in the startup industry.

The book is divided into two parts, covering how to create a brand name that will not be forgotten in the first part, the structure of the name, the power of persuasion of words, and how to show potential creativity.

It raises interest by introducing the story of the birth of brand names of famous companies such as Starbucks, Hagen-Dazs, and Rush.

Part 2 describes the effective step-by-step process of naming created by the author himself. Introducing the three-step process of creating a great brand name within two to four weeks with useful activities and tools, readers can follow step by step.

This stage consists of a planning stage for establishing a naming strategy, an entry stage for thinking of as many naming ideas as possible, and an optional stage for selecting a name that suits the brand well through testing.

All activities in the book create greater value when cooperating with others with you than when you do it alone.

If you follow the author’s ideas and guides, you will find yourself confident in creating your own brand name.

I hope this book helps you create a great brand!



  • Recently, I was in charge of naming and branding at a startup.

  • I thought it would have been better if I could meet this book sooner.

  • It’s a book that feels like a very kind textbook, and it makes you want to follow step by step at a time. I think I’ll open it again.

  • It is a very kind book that I learned while deciding on the name of a startup recently.

  • I recommend it to those who are indecisive like me and take a long time to choose one.