A small brand

A small brand.

“The era of big brands is gone.

This is the era of small brands.

Become a small brand that leaves traces in the universe!”

He’s the icon of innovation that has led numerous hit advertising campaigns.

The legend in the advertising industry with 20 consecutive wins and no losses in the presentation.

“As a person who has been doing branding and marketing for a big brand, It feels like dealing with the theme of “small brand” has become an apostle.

One day, I looked up and looked around, and the world was very different.

The existing method of growing a large brand is losing power.

Small brands have the opportunity to build their own territory.”


Table of Contents

  • Prologue 10

1. Let’s change the concept of success 26.

“It exists quietly on purpose”. #Tarabooks.

2. Let’s change the concept of size 34.

“Making “Just One” and “Well””. #Lolastar #SwedishDream.

3. Make Raport 42.

“Oh, look at this!” #Jeju beer #Object.

4. Believe in the power of non-commercial things. 48.

“Not attacking for the benefit of the moment”. #KCC SWITCHEN


5. Let’s leave traces in space 55.

“The size of your presence, not sales”. #AllBuzz.

6. Combine it with your lifestyle, 64.

“New needs are new opportunities”. #Runday #NaturalWine#BookPower Plant.

7. Make a path where there’s no path 71.

“Turn around and become a pioneer”. #NOMA #Chobani.

8. Trust the power of sincerity. 80.

“Stubbornly adhering to the rules”. #Guhaus Museum of Art.

9. “Long-term ripening” is the answer. 88!

“Become more specific by narrowing the competition area”. #Bae

Chulsoo’s music camp #Shimano.

10. From “For Me” to “For Us”. 1996.

“Mental satisfaction for consumers”. #IKEA #Earlsus.

11. Catch two rabbits. 102.

“Human’s multi-desire comes true”. #BeyondMeat #Unlimited#SkinnyPig.

12! Ask a question about what you’ve been doing. 110.

“It’s a new standard“. #AceHotel #GoodMorningSecurities.

13 Use the power of others 118.

“Looking for a brand to form a mental solidarity”. #Gompyo.

I need a company to grow a brand 14. 128.

“Brand’s words and actions match”. #NH Investment & Securities.

15. What you need to raise is influence. 133.

16. Express “Me”. 140.

“Consumers become the subject”. #KSTPY #NOTto.

17. Close the competition. 148.

Read the flow of 18 up, 154.

“Flexible response to lifestyle changes”. #Staypolio #Musinsa.

19. Do something special that you like. 162.

“Equipped with DNA that makes it special.” #DukkiTteokbokki#SeojeonStudio.

20 Define yourself anew 168.

“From a producer’s point of view to a consumer’s point of view”.

#Shreddy #Iriver #Samjin Fish Cake.

21.  Brand Community, 176.

“Building a brand with consumers”. #Glossy #Broodock.

Just go ahead of 2230 meters. 184 meters.

“You know the “time” part and move”. #Pulmuone #KUENZBucket#Renggo.

Make 23 news, 191.

“Commercials become news”. #SSGA #Tide.

24. Accept weaknesses 198.

“I won’t hide my problems”. #Prospects #HBAF #Marmite.

25! Don’t try to look cool. 206.

“Relax and be cool”. #Audi #fritz #MOVERWORKS.

26. Good name is leverage 214.

“Your name only helps”. #TwoHands Investment Advisory #Samho

Cooking and Muk.

27! One move at a time. 222!

“Is a long-term plan effective?” #IHATEMONDAY

28. In the end, it’s imagination. 232

Do you have 29 maps? 239

“Systematic brand road map”. #GolfMagazineKorea.

30 Wear something that suits you 246.

“Clothes that match your growth”. #Enex #Hite #Crafter.

31. Make the voice that the generation wants. 253.

“Your conviction”. #Nike.

32 Don’t do the right thing 261.

“A reckless challenge”. #PritzCola.

33 Brand that needs rehabilitation is 268.

“Revive your strengths”. #OldSpice #i-hope.

34. You’re the brand 276.

“Brand should be the leader, “The One”. #Mage #Deep-rootedTree.

35 Who is your competitor 284?

“Define your competitor from a different angle”. #GrowShare.

36 Will a fun commercial work? 292.

“Planning to hit a home run”. #SoftBank.

37 It’s discovery, not creation. 299

“Focus on the core values”. #WOONGJIN #Parada.E.C.E.




If you make only one iron well, it can become a world-class brand.’is the story I want to tell in this book.

Lapo is made centering on the product or service itself.

Make 45p Lapo Rapport.

Trust the power of non-commercial things.

I think this attitude is ‘a non-commercial act of commercial things’.

Sometimes I am asked to create a brand story. Brand stories are not created. You have to go through a process that can be a story to become a good brand. That’s the first condition of a sincere brand. 83p, believe in the power of sincerity.

There are quite a few small brands that have successfully started in one field with sincere technology. The problem is next. 137p. What needs to be raised is influence.

Something special that you like.

You should be able to write in one sentence why your product or service is special. And you have to be able to specify what the core DNA is that makes it special. 166p,

In existing marketing, people on the other side of the brand were called consumers, customers, or targets, and unilaterally sent messages and targeted. Now, we have to make them a member of the brand community and create a brand together. Create a 180p brand community.

Not being cool does not mean working poorly. It is about the attitude the brand should have. You have to act cool without revealing it on the outside. 211p. Don’t try to look cool.

Wear clothes that suit you.

The essence of a product or service must deepen. Packaging methods include the brand’s name, BI, and design of packages or products. You have to change into clothes that match the reality of your growth. 248p.

Most of what we think is right is ‘something that already exists’.

I think it’s right already exists and proven to work.

The right idea begins to lose its effect the moment it is duplicated. 264p. Don’t do the right thing.

I have time to interview the top decision maker if possible. Most of them find answers in the conversation In some cases, nothing can be found in the story of the highest decision maker. Most such brands do not have core value.

Book review.

Find a different way from a big brand.

The advertising market mainly focuses on large companies. The ability to pay huge advertising and media costs is something that only large companies with huge capital can dare to do.

Advertising planner who has worked at the center of the advertising market, declares. This market trend has already collapse.

People’s perspectives on brands, advertisements, and the world have diversified.

The number of consumers who unilaterally accept messages through advertisements is decreasing.

Now more and more consumers are finding and choosing “the right brand for me.”

They have grown large brands has lost power, small brands have grown in a different way.

Giving them an opportunity to build their own territory.

Small brands should not follow the way of large brands. present the way, the author explains how to win a small brand through 66 brands that are of interest now.

Which brand is small?

The concept of ‘small’ that the author refers to is not a concept of absolute size or scale. Persuade the reader to accept ‘small’ as a relative concept.

If a brand or company that has grown as quickly, as big as possible and as wide as possible is a big brand, a brand with the opposite concept of “slowly, little, narrow” can be called a “small brand.”

With the aim of growing in size, the era of all brands looking at one place and sprinting to the fullest is coming to an end.

Specific solutions.

Presenting 37 specific solutions for the growth of “depth,” the author exemplifies 66 brands he is currently paying attention to.

Among them, there are small global brands that the author has found to write the book, and there are large corporate brands that the author has been in charge of branding.

Even brands that have already grown and grown in size have found points to refer to in small brands. Cases that led the brand to success with a completely new perspective.

  • Change the concept of success and make your own adjective that can be the first place (Tarabooks)
  • By changing the concept of size, it will grow into the size of the brand in the perception of consumers, not the size of sales (Lolasta).
  • Create Lapo Rapport to make consumers love the essence of the brand (object).
  • Give consumers mental satisfaction (Earls Earth).

Brand Icons of innovation in the advertising industry.

The author proposes to break away from the existing marketing principles and take a new perspective according to the changes of the times.

  • Catch two rabbits to realize the multi-wants of humans expressed in the concept of “second character” (Beyond Meat)
  • Find a brand to form a “mental solidarity” using the power of others (Gompyo).
  • Let consumers express themselves with “me” (KTP).
  • Build a brand community with consumers (glossy)
  • Don’t hide the problem and accept weaknesses (HBAF)

These days, even advertisements on diversified media platforms are likely to be buried in the “click number war,” some ask questions that remind them of the nature of advertisements.
A fun commercial. Will it work? (Softbank)
Don’t do the right thing and enjoy reckless challenges.

The book is full of marketing insights poured out, an icon of innovation in the advertising industry.

The book contains sincere support for small brands in various categories appearing in the market and hoping to become the top in their respective fields.