Consumers are always Win

Marketing strategy to find a marketer

“Consumers are always the ones who win.”

Consumers Today, even respected business leaders are in great confusion.

This is because existing marketing strategies do not work and brand loyalty is falling.

Customers no longer believe in corporate messages. In addition, they complain that they are lagging behind in pursuing and applying new issues such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

What caused this confusion? The author says that the cause lies in the attitude of practitioners and leaders who do not regard customers as one “human.” If you look at customers as “objects to purchase our products,” not as unique individuals, customers have no choice but to turn their backs on us.

There are no customers who want to be treated like that.

If you want to capture the hearts of customers, you should become a human brand that can sympathize with the situation and needs of customers.

The author even says, “Customers are our marketers.” If you don’t win the hearts of customers, there is no marketer, and the business that lost the marketer will eventually fall behind.

In “Human Brand Survives,” we look at what human universal attributes and desires are in order to obtain a powerful marketer called a customer.

This is because it will not change as time goes by. In addition, based on this, various marketing strategies are presented and various cases of human brands are solved.

Through this book, let’s find a marketing answer that can survive in a world where marketing does not work.


4P Marketing?

It is not actually affected by advertisements.

I pay for soap ten times more expensive than ivory because I believe in the vision of a local soap company founder.

For her, the founder’s vision is more important than products, prices, promotions, and distribution, which are often referred to as 4P of marketing.

What kind of absurd thing is happening?


This is not a new idea.

In fact, it is the oldest idea in marketing. From the bottom of our hearts, we knew that business was always about emotions and relationships.

We were just forgetting the fact.


We do not own a Consumers journey.

The consumer journey is own by the consumer.

The new marketing mission given to us is to help our customers lead the story of our brand or product into a whirlwind of conversation.

“The sense of belonging, the biggest curse of human beings”.

For us moving slowly but steadily toward a world without advertisements.

It is a story that helps, inspires, and delights.

Meaningful event that shows true care, sympathy, and connection with the community.

It is an emotional connection that shows that we understand everything.

This is Consumers marketing that helps us realize that we are not alone and feel a sense of belonging.

“I think it’s about making your customers partners in the process of building a brand and creating products, and even designing the future of your business, and that should be a new customer journey.”

Various brand examples help readers understand.

Through each case, including North Face, which becomes a fan of brand fans, Lulu Lemon.

Which is position as a local community rather than a store, Pepsi, Harley-Davidson, Yeti, and Pebst Blue Ribbon.

You can see how the brand was place in consumers’ minds.

In addition, the author proposes to examine the organization itself.

Brand needs to be more humane and sincere.

How companies should take an attitude beyond the individual marketer’s capabilities.

If you accept the changes that are taking place in the market through this book and redefine the role of marketers, you will be able to survive in an era when marketing does not work.